Basic information

- Waste Management Region with the Regional Waste Management Center Indjija was established pursuant to the Law on Waste Management stipulating the obligation of municipalities to dispose of their waste in the regional landfill.

The project for waste management and construction of new Regional Sanitary Landfill - Indjija and includes seven municipalities Indjia, Stara Pazova, Ruma, Sid, Irig, Pecinci and Sremski Karlovci. The Waste Management Region covers six municipalities of the Srem District (Indjija, Stara Pazova, Ruma, Sid, Irig and Pecinci), plus one municipality in South Backa District (Sremski Karlovci - geographically is part of Srem). The total population of the Waste Management Region is 250 000 (Indjija - 49,000 inhabitants; Stara Pazova - 67,800 inhabitants; Ruma - 55,754 inhabitants; Sid - 35,500 inhabitants; Irig - 11,100 inhabitants; Pecinci – 20,300 inhabitants and Sremski Karlovci - 9,500 inhabitants). Contracts have been signed with seven municipalities of the Waste Management Region for disposal of waste at the Regional Sanitary Landfill – Indjija.

Indjija Municipality by mutual consent of other six municipalities of the Waste Management Region formed a Public Utility Company (PUC) for waste collection and disposal and landfill maintenance “INGRIN“ Indjija. PUC “INGRIN“ Indjija will manage the construction and operate the future Regional Sanitary Landfill. Indjija Municipality is 100% shareholder of PUC "Ingrin" which currently has three full-time employees (all of them hold a university degree).

Regional Sanitary Landfill Location

A land lot designated for constructing the Regional Sanitary Landfill for disposal of municipal waste is located in the proper of Indjija Municipality, between Beska and Novi Karlovci, 8 km north-east from of Indjija in the vicinity of highway E-75 Belgrade – Novi Sad.

The size of land lot for constructing the Regional Sanitary Landfill is 26.75 hectares. The distance of other six municipalities from the landfill is: Stara Pazova - 18 km; Ruma - 32 km; Irig - 27 km, Sid - 94 km, Sremski Karlovci -26 km:  Pećinci - 31 km.

The land lot has been provided by the Indjija Municipality (it is 100% owned by Indjija Municipality).

Access road to the Regional Sanitary Landfill has been constructed including the new overpass at highway E-75. Access road has a total length of 8 km and all infrastructure (electricity, water, sewerage, postal services).


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